We are When Tuba Come One, one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative brass chamber groups as well as being an internationally acclaimed tuba quartet.

As an ensemble we aim to bring low brass music to a wider audience. We work hard to make something of a niche genre into an accessible medium to audiences of all different backgrounds and musical persuasions.


Through our dynamic and energetic performances, we are on a mission to convert as many listeners as possible to a genre they may not have expected to enjoy, and further increase its profile on the classical stage. As the most recent International Tuba and Euphonium Conference Ensemble Competition Champions, and the only European ensemble to reach the finals, we are uniquely positioned to display the best that our instruments have to offer, and show off their lesser-known qualities to audiences. Crucially, we believe that our unique sense of fun and love for music-making shines through in our performance and our aim is to pass some of that on to our audience.


In addition, we are excited to encourage and instigate the composition of new and diverse music for the genre, as well as increasing the repertoire further through arranging and commissioning arrangements of pieces from across the musical spectrum. We believe that the tuba quartet is a far more versatile and exciting ensemble than the current repertoire would suggest and hope to spearhead a diversification of the repertoire.

Meet The Quartet


Amy Ewen


Ben Smith


James Hobbis


Mark Dilley