It has been an exciting year for Birmingham-based tuba quartet, When Tuba Come One, with numerous concert performances, and winning the International Tuba and Euphonium Association’s (ITEA) prestigious Ensemble Prize at their conference in Iowa this May being a particular highlight. (

When Tuba Come One’s aim as an ensemble is to make low brass chamber music as accessible as possible, to push the boundaries of what a tuba quartet can sound like, and to challenge listeners’ preconceptions about the tuba family as a whole. Looking towards the new year, and with this in mind, we invite entries to our new composition competition.

We are passionate about expanding the currently rather limited repertoire of the tuba quartet genre and hope that through this competition we are able expand and diversify the genre in as many ways as possible.

The Brief:

The brief is intentionally very free to allow for greater compositional freedom and hopefully to allow for a diverse range of pieces to arise from the process. Works in any style are permitted and we hope that this competition will encourage those who have not written for a tuba quartet previously to bring a new perspective to the genre, as well as those who know the genre well.
We ask that entries should incorporate the idea of “new beginnings”.

We have set out the following guidelines:

We encourage that the compositions be roughly 3-8 minutes in duration, though works of other lengths will be accepted.

Instrumentation is as follows: Euphonium (notated in Bb treble clef), Baritone Horn (notated in Bb treble clef), and two Eb tubas (notated in bass clef, concert pitch). Non-conventional notation will also be accepted.

Please provide both full score and parts in your entry.

Idiomatic instrumental writing and suitability for concert performance should be considered.

Mutes, as well as extended techniques, are available for all instruments.

Entries must be original works and must not previously have been published or performed.

The prize for the winning entry is £300, a professional recording, and regular performances as part of our concert series.
Additional prizes may be awarded.

The deadline for all entires is Friday 1st May 2020 with the winning entry announced in early June. These should be submitted as either a Sibelius 7 (or earlier) file OR as PDF files and should be emailed to with ‘TUBA QUARTET COMPOSITION' in the subject line.


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